Product & Catalog

We can handle hundred of variations and unique attributes for every type of complex product.

  • Product variations used to group together various size and shapes of your industrial parts and products.
  • Multi-dimensional product attributes to represent your multi-dimensional product catalog.
  • Complex multi-level product catalog hierarchy built to address your complex catalog tree with five levels deep.
  • Product documents and media to give your buyers all the information they need about your complex parts.


Quotes are sometimes manual, inaccurate, and time consuming. We save your team time by allowing your customers to enter their quotes themselves.

  • Self service product configurator for your customers to configure a custom quote.
  • Quote to order workflow which allows your sales rep to submit an approved quote back to the buyer.
  • Quote management in the app that allows you to view all the outstanding quotes and their status.


Pricing accuracy and pricing display is critical to our customers. Our system can handle the complexity that we see with each B2B price contract.

  • Customer specific pricing to allow you to assign the right price to the right customer.
  • Bulk pricing discounts to allow your customers to get a discount when the buy more product.
  • Promotional pricing to give a percent or dollar off a specific order or product.


A good search service can make or break the experience for your customers and your sales team. It's critical that your search service is performant, relevant, and configurable.

  • Accurate results with our AI enabled backend search service.
  • Typeahead search gives your customers the ability to type three letters and gives them immediate product suggestions.
  • Search automatically generates dynamic synonym suggestions using AI which means less setup for you
  • Reorder your search filters and search filter values with our powerful filter management

Cart & Order

Ordering products is the quick and easy through our platform. We created multiple ways your customers and sales rep can place orders with just a few clicks.

  • One click reorders allow your customers to place a reorder in less than 10 seconds.
  • Multiple carts give your customers the ability to save and schedule a cart for a future date.
  • Quick order allows you to type only in the search for a part no and directly add the item to cart.
  • Product list ordering adds the option for you to add multiple products to cart on just one page.
  • Order Management gives your sales rep and customers the ability to view and edit orders.

Inventory Management

Inventory tracking is critical for B2B businesses, especially during this time of supply chain issues. Your customers need to know what is available and you need to know what has been allocated.

  • Inventory management allows you to view, update and delete inventory for multiple locations.
  • Display real time inventory in the online store
  • Show lead times for each product to allow your customers to know when the product is expected.
  • Tooling to allow you to import your inventory through our app and excel.

Sales Rep Tooling

Your sales reps are critical to your businesses success. They need tools to make their day to day tasks more efficient. Our product provides an easier way for them to quote and place orders.

  • Login on behalf of a customer and place orders in a few quick steps. Skip entering orders into your clunky ERP.
  • Modify account details including payment type and shipping options.
  • Edit and approve quotes through an easy to use interface in our admin app.

Headless APIs

Built API first, all of our services used in our online store and app, also uses our APIs. We use graphql to both query and modify data in our platform.

  • Account APIs allows your developer to create new accounts, contacts, and segments for your business. The APIs allow for you to assign all the pricing to the segments.
  • Product, Pricing and Category APIs allows your developer to manage product, specification and catalog data. Assign mass pricing and assign a set of products to a category.
  • Cart and Order APIs allows your developer to create a cart and place an order. Bulk ordering is also allowed via our API.